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Porn by women, for everybody.

It’s time to give a fuck

Not all porn was created equal. What you watch influences your body, your mind, your spirit and the world.

afterglow is porn you can feel good about watching.

Ethical porn

Feel good about your porn & support women creators

Female pleasure focused

Real orgasms and authentic performers

massage porn

Porn you can learn from

Eduporn and guided sex exercises to supplement erotic videos

vanessa vega and mickey mod in the 'how to hook up' eduporn

A better sex life

90% of members report better sex thanks to afterglow

High quality erotica for as low as $2.99

Cancel easily at any time.

afterglow journeys

Sexual self-fulfillment starts here. Learn while you get turned on with our curated journeys designed to help you go from nice to naughty at your own pace.

tell me

New to porn

Mainstream porn can be a major turn-off, or porn might be a new experience. Start here to learn about porn with a beginner’s mind.

Explore fantasy

From rope play to gang bangs to pegging, break away from vanilla sex and try something new.

Sex skills

Watch explicit instructional videos designed to help you up your sex game.

woman touching her chest

Reclaim your pleasure

Go deeper and become an active participant in your sexual satisfaction with guided sex exercises and more.

Our satisfied members

Sophia T.

single & loving it

Sophia T.

I love, love the videos. They really high quality, and the stories are great. afterglow is helping me unlearn the shame that comes from watching porn and being sexual in our society.

Maria G.

mom of two

Maria G.

I’m so busy, sometimes sex just feels like another thing on my to-do list. afterglow helps me have some laid back sexy time. I watch every week and when I see something I like I’ll share it with my partner.”

Katherine C.

in a new relationship

Katherine C.

I use afterglow as a tool to get out of my own head and leave the day-to-day behind. I’m really excited by how it helps me get aroused and into the mood for a hot date night.”

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