Female pleasure focused

Female pleasure focused

Let’s face it – most porn is made for men. This is despite the fact that 78% of women have watched porn in the past 6 months!

At afterglow, we make porn that is centered around women’s pleasure. This means women enjoying themselves and videos featuring real passion and authenticity.

Porn by women, for everybody

afterglow was founded by Lilly Sparks, a former accountant who wanted to see the kind of sex she desired represented in porn.  afterglow is a place where women are celebrated and centered.  We are a team of women (& some men, too!) curating videos that show a narrative different than what’s typically depicted on the tube sites. Many of our films are from female producers and directors, and all of our content was ethically produced.

Everything from soft and slow sex acts, to gang bangs & BDSM

You don’t have to search to find a body that looks like yours, a sex act that turns you on, a performer who seems real, or a guided exercise that helps you tell your partner exactly what you’ve been craving.

Whatever your pleasure or fantasy looks like, there’s something for you at afterglow.

  • Lesbian porn? Yes please.
  • Gang bangs? Bring it on.
  • Queer performers? Absolutely.
  • Soft and slow sex acts? Mhmm.
  • Partner exercises? We’ve got you.
  • Guided masturbations? You already know the answer.

No questions about whether the actors are enjoying themselves, being paid fairly, and 18+ years old.

Porn without the “ick”

Probably opening an incognito window on your computer, being bombarded with graphic ads, or searching endlessly for a film that doesn’t involve typical teen, MILF, or stepsibling tropes.

You don’t know how the film was made or how the actors were hired, treated, or paid. The second you’re done, you’re pushing your computer away, trying to forget what you saw.

At afterglow, we don’t include racial categorizations or any films with teen or stepsibling tropes. Just powerful, hot women of diverse ages and body types enjoying themselves.

Authentic films with real people

Ethical standards lead to a more comfortable atmosphere and a better final video, one that represents the performer’s true pleasure and desires.

Your afterglow subscription gets you intimate access to real, authentic porn.

  • Videos depicting real, authentic female pleasure
  • Content made with consent
  • Library of over 300 videos
  • Content that shows both fantasy and realistic pleasure
  • High quality production
  • Content that represents diversity – including race, gender, body types, disabilities, and sexual orientation

“I’ve been looking for this for FOREVER”

Here’s what some of our members have to say about afterglow

I’m finding the power in my own skin precisely because I can find my own pleasure.
-Sabrina, 35, Boston
afterglow has brought me and my partner closer together. It’s really changed our relationship. He’s opened up a lot more. I can send him a new afterglow video and it’s fun and it takes the shame out of masturbating and porn.
-Maria, 24, New York
Becoming more sex positive and tapping into my sexuality and sensuality has helped me like myself better. I’m just happier.
-Rae, 28, Los Angeles