We’re on a mission to inspire great sex.

Did you know that 60% of women are dissatisfied with their sex lives? Our goal is to help you experience more pleasure and feel confident that your desires are beautiful, unique, and worthy of being fulfilled.

Meet the platform for ethical porn

Made by women, for women. We make and share videos that portray sex accurately and treat performers with dignity, because nothing is sexier than consent.

Trust yourself

Think of afterglow as a gift of pleasure. We’re here to help you feel good about your pleasure and trust yourself to better communicate your wants and needs.

Reduce shame and stigma

By reducing the shame and stigma around sex acts, afterglow helps you create a safe space to explore – yes, even for your wildest fantasies.

A safe space to explore

We want everyone to feel lit up in their lives. afterglow is a diversity of bodies, people, and relationship types. And it’s here to make your sex life better.

Your afterglow subscription gets you access to:

  • Guided masturbations to achieve better orgasms
  • Partner exercises to improve communication and intimacy
  • Candid interviews with sex educators, influencers, and therapists
  • Peace of mind knowing that our porn is 100% ethical and safe, without sacrificing spice
  • Exclusive, behind the scenes content from performers and filmmakers
  • A stress-free viewing experience on our secure platform

“I’ve been looking for this for FOREVER”

Here’s what some of our members have to say about afterglow

I’m finding the power in my own skin precisely because I can find my own pleasure.
-Sabrina, 35, Boston
afterglow has brought me and my partner closer together. It’s really changed our relationship. He’s opened up a lot more. I can send him a new afterglow video and it’s fun and it takes the shame out of masturbating and porn.
-Maria, 24, New York
Becoming more sex positive and tapping into my sexuality and sensuality has helped me like myself better. I’m just happier.
-Rae, 28, Los Angeles