Our afterglow eduporns are one of the most popular types of content on our site. But what exactly is an eduporn? Here’s everything you ever wanted and needed to know about educational porn.

So, what is an eduporn? 

Porn that you can learn from…

Ultimately eduporns are adult films that you can learn something from. Most of us at one time or another have sought out porn to learn, either because our sex education left us lacking, or to find inspiration for sex we want to have. 

So we decided to combine sex ed and porn explicitly by collaborating with creators to make realistic and sexy erotic films. The common understanding is that porn is meant for fantasy and not for education. We’re flipping that script and making porn that can be both hot and educational.

They will expand your sex skills…

How-to videos were the #10 Pornhub trend in 2021 which suggests that people want to know how to have better sex. At afterglow, we happen to work with a lot of porn performers who are very good at having sex, so the eduporn series steps in to teach you their skills. 

You should come away knowing a bit more about how to please yourself or your partners. We want to help you have better sex, whether that means solo or partnered (or grouped). 

They’re explicit…

They’re explicit, not for the sake of being explicit, but because we think there is value in showing you how things work in real life rather than just explaining it. We believe that the explicit nature of these videos furthers their educational purposes. 

We use videos and visual media as a common way to teach. When we want to learn any other skill, we can go to YouTube and see it done… So, why should it be any different with sex? This way you can see exactly what to do (and show your partner at the same time) instead of trying to understand how it works with written material. 

You can watch them alone or with a partner…

We would love for you to feel comfortable watching these videos with a partner and using them as a way to open up a conversation about your pleasure but eduporns can be watched alone too. When watching them solo you can learn more about what brings you pleasure, and with your partner you can learn more about how to give each other pleasure. 

Your teachers are adult performers aka the experts in sex…

The performers that we work with choose their area of expertise for eduporn videos. Sex workers and adult performers are experts in sex, consent, STI testing, and more, but they don’t get the credit they deserve. We’re passing the mic back to them and letting them step into the role of teacher. 

There’s something for everyone…

The series so far contains videos on a wide range of topics. From how to give a sensual massage and how to have sex outdoors, to how to squirt and give yourself multiple orgasms. Starring some of the most popular performers in the industry, the eduporn series continues to grow and teach you what you want to know about sex. 

Our 5 favorite afterglow eduporns 

1. How to Hook Up

Mickey Mod and Vanessa Vega make out in a still from the afterglow original eduporn: how to hook up

All of your questions about hookup culture are about to be answered. Adult performers Mickey Mod and Vanessa Vega deep dive into all the things you need to know before hooking up with someone and show you how to have a sexy AF time when you do. This is the x-rated lesson that we all need.

2. How to Squirt

Do you want to know how to squirt? In this eduporn, adult performer Ela Darling shows you how to find your g-spot, which toys to use, and how to stimulate yourself for an explosive squirting orgasm. Grab a towel or two, because things are about to get wet.

3. How to Have Sex with a Disability

Everyone deserves a sex life that makes them scream, “hell, yeah!”. Adult performer and disability advocate GoAskAlex explicitly demonstrates how to have sex with a disability. This is real sex that is important for everyone to watch, whether they have a disability or not. 

4. How to Have Sex Outdoors

Pack your bags for a naughty adventure. Performers and real life couple Stacy and Shane, aka SparksGoWild, are having sex alfresco and they’re taking you along for the ride. From how to find the best spots to making sure you don’t get caught with your pants down, learn the tips then go and try it for yourself.

5. How to Give an Erotic Massage

Do you want to give your partner a romantic rub down? From what oil to use to how to hit the sweet spots just right, Daisy Ducati and Leya Falcon are here to teach you how to give your partner a romantic massage. Massages are a great way to build intimacy and trust in a relationship — so why not watch with a partner and follow along.

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