A better sex life

A better sex life

Porn is currently the #1 resource people use to learn about sex.  At afterglow, we make porn that is designed to help you have a better sex life. From seeing relatable videos to exploring our library of Eduporn and partner exercises, afterglow’s got you covered. There’s a reason 90% of our users say afterglow has improved their sex life!

Porn is good for  you

Did you know consuming porn is correlated with increased sexual satisfaction? Women who use it to masturbate have an easier time getting aroused, report greater pleasure during sex, and have more orgasms. Plus, partners who watch visual erotica together report higher satisfaction with their relationship and sex life than partners who don’t. It’s time to rethink the negative narratives around porn and release the shame and stigma!

Sexual satisfaction

Consent is a crucial part of ethical porn, and performers’ safety, both physical and emotional, should be prioritized at every stage of production.

This means that performers do not feel pressured to do things that they do not want to do. Everything should be created with enthusiastic consent from everyone involved and there should be no sense of coercion.

Performers should be given the opportunity to state what sexual activities they do and do not want to engage in before the shooting day. These boundaries should be addressed again on set, where they have the opportunity to change their mind on anything they don’t feel comfortable with at any time.

Performers should feel comfortable and relaxed on set, and able to voice any concerns or worries that they have. Performers should also have agency in who they want to work with and are able to choose their co-stars.

It should go without saying, but all performers in ethical porn are old enough to consent to sex.

Relationship quality

Just as with any other industry, porn performers and crew should work under fair working conditions with adequate breaks, access to food and water, and reasonable hours. All crew and performers should be paid fairly for their work.

Performers should also be given adequate time to prepare physically and emotionally before filming. Productions should also adhere to medical safety standards with STI testing, access to safer sex protection, bondage best practices.

How porn can help your sex life

Visual erotica is a safe way many people explore sex, feel more sexually satisfied, and experience more orgasms. Porn can help you feel comfortable communicating during sex, better about your body, and closer with your partner, especially when you consume it mindfully.

…Did we mention more orgasms?

Your afterglow subscription will help you up your sex skills and explore sexual pleasure in a way that is fun, empowering, and ethical.

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“I’ve been looking for this for FOREVER”

Here’s what some of our members have to say about afterglow

I’m finding the power in my own skin precisely because I can find my own pleasure.
-Sabrina, 35, Boston
afterglow has brought me and my partner closer together. It’s really changed our relationship. He’s opened up a lot more. I can send him a new afterglow video and it’s fun and it takes the shame out of masturbating and porn.
-Maria, 24, New York
Becoming more sex positive and tapping into my sexuality and sensuality has helped me like myself better. I’m just happier.
-Rae, 28, Los Angeles