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Porn is an opportunity to stretch yourself and understand your sexual boundaries. It’s perfectly ok to watch something you don’t want to try IRL. Lean into taboo and let yourself be immersed in someting different than your day-to-day missionary style sex. These films will help you explore, fantasize and communicate desires that might be new to you.

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A non-monogamous trio in bed together showing that relationship jealousy is something that everyone can manage

Having a kink is normal – here’s why

Your kink can be a part of an incredibly satisfying and fun sex life. As well as leading you to all kinds of hot times between the sheets, looking deeper into your turn-ons helps you learn more about yourself and develop a deeper connection with your partner (or partners). And with about 75% of people admitting their unconventional sexual mores, we can confidently state once again that having a kink is normal as can be. So, shrug off any shame you might have been carrying and let your freak flag fly. We’re rooting for you!

woman with her hands cuffed showing that having a kink is normal

Ménage Noire

Enter a sexy threesome with real-life couple Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire as they have some kinky playtime with a friend. From sensation play using wax to a sweet erotic massage. For those that like things slow & sensual but a little rough, this one’s for you.

Owners of Royal Fetish Films, Jet Setting Jasmine & King Noire combine their love of the arts, film, and sex education to produce erotica that stimulates and engages the audience to push their sexual boundaries.

Labyrinth Gang

 In this ethical porn, HardWerk doubles up on the subversion of these narratives with a BDSM-centric gangbang that disrupts, deconstructs and deliberately queers the blow-by-blow(job), paint-by-numbers porn plot. The result? An ever-shifting and deliriously filthy cinematic dungeon dreamscape that is not only surreal, according to the filmmakers, but a little truer to life itself. Starring June Fontaine, this porn with story is inspired by frenzied dark room encounters and a morning-after of piecing together past memories — reliving everything not moment by moment, but instead by sweat-soaked snapshots and fragmented ecstasy.

Tie Me Up

Dive into a sweet celebration of the gift of surrender. Moments before engaging in a night of consensual bondage, a man tenderly holds his partner’s hand while clutching the gift she gave him — a beautiful bundle of rope.

Intro to BDSM for Couples

A partnered exercise to introduce sensory play into your relationship in an accessible and safe way. Created for beginners who are interested in exploring BDSM, you’ll be guided with step by step instructions on how to use common objects to explore power dynamics. This is a great entry level practice to sensory and impact play.

Porn is a tool for exploring sex

Porn is an amazing tool for exploring what types of sex you may be into before adding a partner into the mix.

Having a list of inspiration and turn-ons makes it easier to communicate with your partner and it also makes you feel safer because you know where your boundaries are.

Sex has many different facets, so narrowing down your interests will ensure that you get EXACTLY what you want. And there’s nothing hotter than that.

Love your fantasies

Affirm your kinkiness

One of the greatest gifts that porn can give is letting you know YOU ARE NORMAL. Whatever you’re into…there’s porn for that, trust us.

No matter what floats your boat, there’s someone out there who wants to celebrate your kink and there’s some porn to go along with it.

Your afterglow subscription will help you tap into your body and explore sexual pleasure in a way that is fun, empowering, and ethical.

  • Performers paid fairly and promptly
  • Performers have bodily autonomy
  • Content made with consent
  • Physical and emotional safety practices are being taken
  • Content that shows both fantasy and realistic pleasure
  • Content that represents diversity – including race, gender, body types, disabilities, and sexual orientation

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I’m finding the power in my own skin precisely because I can find my own pleasure.
-Sabrina, 35, Boston
afterglow has brought me and my partner closer together. It’s really changed our relationship. He’s opened up a lot more. I can send him a new afterglow video and it’s fun and it takes the shame out of masturbating and porn.
-Maria, 24, New York
Becoming more sex positive and tapping into my sexuality and sensuality has helped me like myself better. I’m just happier.
-Rae, 28, Los Angeles