Reclaim your pleasure

Society has shamed women’s sexuality for millenia, so you’re bound to have a few hang ups around feeling and expressing sexiness. Our sexuality has been reserved, commodified and served up for the pleasure of cis men for so long, that it no longer feels like our own.

Take your sexy back for you and no one else with Eduporn and more.

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Erotic body scan

Do you know what you want in bed? In this erotic body scan, you’ll be guided through sexual scenarios to help you identify your desires and learn how to communicate them to a partner. All you need is your imagination and a willingness to get sexy.

Pleasure your pussy

Do you touch yourself in the same way each time you masturbate? It’s common to find what works and stick to it, but this guided masturbation will help you explore your body to discover new areas of pleasure, find new techniques, and learn how to vocalize your wants and desires. You might just experience stronger orgasms too.

Sensual movement

We move our bodies all day, but it is very rare that we are fully connected to them and what we are doing. Using the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, this exercise will guide you through moving and listening to your body. This sensual movement practice for all bodies is an incredibly effective tool to reconnect to your body before sex and pleasure.

How to explore your sexual needs & desires

Knowing what you want, what turns you on and what brings you pleasure is essential for being a sexually confident and satisfied woman.

If you want to have mind blowing orgasms and amazing af sex life, you need to become your own best lover! Do not expect or depend on others to be able to turn you on or bring you more pleasure than you can experience on your own.

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Touch Yourself

Are you good at following instructions? Explore your body like never before by doing exactly as your sensual instructor, Damian Dragon, says. Drawing inspiration from D’Angelo’s iconic music video “Untitled”, you’ll be guided through an intimate and mindful self-pleasure practice that allows you to connect to your body through one of your sexiest zones: your mind.

Great sex changes your energy for the better

Sex is so much more than that dirty little thing we do with the lights out. It can have an intense impact on our energy, our mental health and who we are as people. When we focus on having the sex we actually want, it can can have enormous health benefits and change our energy in life-altering ways.

Sexual desire can be a very real and very powerful force that lives inside you. When you repress that force, you’re rejecting a part of who you are.

Tap in to your erotic power

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Find your sexual confidence, reduce anxiety around sex and love your body with afterglow’s guided sex exercises. Designed to stimulate your most sexual organ – your brain.

Your afterglow subscription will help you tap into your body and explore sexual pleasure in a way that is fun, empowering, and ethical.

  • Performers paid fairly and promptly
  • Performers have bodily autonomy
  • Content made with consent
  • Physical and emotional safety practices are being taken
  • Content that shows both fantasy and realistic pleasure
  • Content that represents diversity – including race, gender, body types, disabilities, and sexual orientation

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Here’s what some of our members have to say about afterglow

I’m finding the power in my own skin precisely because I can find my own pleasure.
-Sabrina, 35, Boston
afterglow has brought me and my partner closer together. It’s really changed our relationship. He’s opened up a lot more. I can send him a new afterglow video and it’s fun and it takes the shame out of masturbating and porn.
-Maria, 24, New York
Becoming more sex positive and tapping into my sexuality and sensuality has helped me like myself better. I’m just happier.
-Rae, 28, Los Angeles