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Hokus Poke-Us: The Power of Solo & Partnered Sex Magic

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Hokus Poke-Us: The Power of Solo & Partnered Sex Magic

Witch, please. If you’re not using sex magic – also sometimes spelled “sex magick” – to bring your desires to life then you’re missing out. This ancient practice harnesses the energy locked inside the body during sex or masturbation to manifest your deepest desires. Unlike traditional manifestation methods that rely on attraction and belief, sex magic uses orgasm as a vehicle to intensify spells and reach desired outcomes. Whether you’re exploring this practice alone or with a partner, the power of sex magic is unmatched in the world of magic.  

So, get ready to unleash your inner witch… (Don’t worry there’s no need for a cauldron or broomstick)

What is sex magic? 

Sex magic is an ancient practice that has been used by various traditions throughout history. At its core, sex magic involves using sexual energy to manifest desires and enhance spiritual practices. This energy can be harnessed during sex or masturbation and directed towards a specific intention or goal. By focusing on this intention during orgasm, practitioners of sex magic believe that they can tap into a powerful source of energy that can bring their desires to fruition.

Whether it’s attracting a new job, healing from emotional trauma, or enhancing spiritual development, sex magic can help bring these goals to life. The practice involves focusing on a specific goal through affirmation and visualization, then raising energy through prolonged sexual arousal to a powerful release. At the moment of orgasm, the intention is released into the universe. While sex magic can be practiced solo, it can also be a fun and powerful practice for partners with a mutual goal. 

What can I use sex magic for? 

When it comes to casting spells with sex magic, it’s important to remember that the most effective use of magic is on oneself. So, it’s best to focus on personal goals such as healing, finding love, or your career. Setting a clear and specific intention is crucial in manifesting desired outcomes. By meditating on the desired outcome and infusing it with intense, directed energy, we can amplify our dreams and manifest them more quickly. 

Sex magic involves using sexual energy to influence the universe in a desired direction. This is achieved by raising, directing, and releasing the energy created during sexual arousal. Unlike other forms of magic that may require the use of tools or props, the only thing required in sex magic is your own body.

Sex magic has ancient roots

Sex magic, despite its current surge in popularity, has a rich history that dates back to ancient times. The practice of sex magic has been documented in various civilizations, including ancient Greece and Rome, as well as India and China. As both sex and magic eventually became subjects of taboo, the practice of sex magic went underground. Yet, the contemporary application of sex magic remains unchanged. Practitioners continue to utilize sex magic as a means to maintain a positive and mindful attitude towards their wants and necessities, similar to how it was used in ancient times.

How to practice solo sex magic

If you’re interested in exploring the power of solo sex magic, here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Set your intention and reflect on it  

Be clear about your intentions and make sure it’s something that’s really important to you. Using sex magic for selfish reasons is discouraged.  “Ask yourself, ‘What are my intentions for this experience?'” And go into the activity with that goal in mind.

2. Prepare your space 

Cleanse the room where the ritual will take place and remove any physical clutter. create a safe and focused environment.To create a sacred space for your solo sex magic practice, consider lighting candles, burning incense, or playing calming music. Make sure you’re in a comfortable and private space where you can fully relax and focus on your practice.

3. Ground yourself 

Take a few moments to clear your mind of any distracting thoughts. Try taking slow, deep breaths, focusing on breathing in positive energy and releasing negative energy with each exhale.

4. Visualize and take your time masturbating 

One of the most basic practices of sex magic involves visualizing your desired outcome during sexual arousal. As you build physical desire, focus on what you want to manifest and visualize it as vividly as possible.

Keep it in your mind as you take your time and savor the journey, don’t rush towards the end goal. Explore the experience with all your senses and appreciate every moment. When approaching orgasm, pause before reaching the climax, take a break and relax for a bit, then repeat the process. This elongated process can enhance the overall experience.

It’s important to keep in mind that your solo sex magic ritual doesn’t have to culminate in an orgasm. When you sense that the energy is naturally beginning to dissipate or when you’ve fully focused on your intentions for that session, it may be time to conclude the ritual. 

5. Use a mantra 

If you’re open to using a mantra during your sex magic practice, consider choosing one that aligns with your desired outcome. For instance, if you’re seeking financial abundance, you may choose a mantra like “I am financially free” or “Money flows easily to me.” It’s important to choose a mantra that resonates with you personally. If you reach orgasm, you could try shouting your mantra out loud to amplify its energy. If you don’t feel comfortable saying your mantra outloud then write it down on a piece of paper before you start. 

6. Wind down 

After you’re done, take as much time as you need to come back to a grounded state. This can involve cozying up under warm blankets or writing in your journal to reflect on your experience

It’s important to remember that practicing solo sex magic may feel awkward or uncomfortable at first, especially if you’re new to the practice. But with practice and patience, it can become a powerful and rewarding experience that helps you connect with your inner power and manifest your desires.

How to practice partnered sex magic

If you’re interested in exploring the power of sex magic with your partner, follow these tips:  

1. Choose a partner you trust

It’s important to select a partner whom you respect and with whom you can communicate your intentions clearly before engaging in sex magic. Establishing trust and mutual respect is crucial because the act of sex magic involves manifesting something that holds significance for you. Approaching the magical experience respectfully enhances the probability of a positive outcome. Therefore, trust is essential in choosing a partner for sex magic to work effectively.

2. Set a shared intention

Discuss your intention in advance, and make sure you both agree on the result you intend to generate. It’s beneficial to inform your partner of your intentions, and set goals together to avoid confusion or misunderstandings. By maintaining focus and clarity on your intentions throughout the experience, the greater the likelihood of a successful outcome. 

3. Prepare your space 

Creating a sensual space is an important step in preparing for a sex magic ritual with your partner. This space should feel comfortable and inviting, and should include elements that stimulate all of the senses. Begin by choosing a room that you both feel relaxed in, such as the bedroom or living room. Use soft lighting, such as candles or dimmed lamps, to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Set up comfortable and cozy bedding, such as plush pillows and soft blankets. Add sensual touches, such as essential oils or incense, to fill the room with an alluring scent. Play soft music or nature sounds to set the mood and drown out any distractions. Consider incorporating sacred items, such as crystals or symbols, to enhance the magical energy of the space. Remember, the goal is to create a space that feels safe, nurturing, and conducive to deep connection and intimacy with your partner.

4. Ground yourself together

To ground with your partner before practicing sex magic together, begin by sitting or standing facing each other. Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Start to visualize roots growing from your feet and reaching deep into the earth. As you breathe in, imagine drawing up energy from the earth into your body, and as you exhale, release any tension or negativity. When you feel grounded, open your eyes and gaze into your partner’s eyes. Allow yourself to connect with them, and try to synchronize your breath. Maintain eye contact for a few minutes while holding hands or embracing. This practice can help you establish a deep sense of connection and presence with your partner, which can be essential in creating a powerful and transformative sex magic experience.

5. Have long, slow sex whilst visualizing 

To practice sex magic, slow and sensual sex can be incredibly powerful. To start, slowly touch and explore each other’s bodies, paying attention to every sensation. Focus on maintaining a slow and steady pace, taking the time to really savor each sensation. Remember to both keep your intention in mind and visualize it with every breath and movement. Communication is key, so check in with your partner to make sure you’re both on the same page and that you’re both feeling connected to your intention. By maintaining a strong connection and keeping your intention at the forefront of your mind, you can create a truly transformative experience for both you and your partner.

6. Aftercare 

After engaging in sex magic, it’s important to take some time for aftercare with your partner. This can involve cuddling, talking about the experience, or simply basking in the afterglow together. It’s also important to continue visualizing your intention during this time, as the energy you’ve raised during the sexual act can continue to work toward manifesting your desires. Aftercare can also involve self-care, such as taking a bath or doing some journaling to process any emotions or thoughts that come up. Remember to be gentle with yourself and your partner, and to honor the energy you’ve created together.

Ultimately, your practice is personal and distinctive, so only engage in what feels comfortable for you.

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