As a successful adult content creator on OnlyFans, Dez Fraser has found huge success online. She creates an endless stream of content featuring images and videos of herself, which her followers can see for a monthly fee. Many pay extra for personalized videos, photographs or texts.

Despite threatening to shut its doors to sexually explicit content creators last year and then reversing its decision, OnlyFans has given sex workers a safe platform for doing business. And although there are other places that offer similar services, the site has gained mainstream popularity thanks to its user-friendly interface and celebrity content creators.

However, with increased media attention and regular headlines that report huge figures that the top earners are making, more and more people are turning to OnlyFans to make money and competition is fierce. 

But what is actually involved in running an OnlyFans account? Is it as easy as mainstream media will have us believe? To find out, I asked full-time OnlyFans creator, Dez Fraser, to tell us what she gets up to on a typical day. 

Dez Fraser is a Texas based model, makeup artist, and content creator. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where she went to school for esthetics and pursued a makeup artistry career. After 15 years of mastering her skills behind the scenes for major brands, she started her modeling career and became a content creator. 

With over 2 million fans on Instagram and a bank of magazine shoots, including Playboy and the cover of FHM, she shows no signs of slowing down.  


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Dez loves the freedom that OnlyFans gives her. She explains, “I joined OnlyFans, so that I would have more freedom with time and schedules. I also love that I can be creative and make any type of content I want, and my fans enjoy it.”  

A day in the life of an OnlyFans model

8.30am – wake up 

Usually I get up between 8.30 and 9am depending on how I’m feeling, but today’s a good day and I get up when my alarm goes off. 

I pour a cup of cold brew coffee and have it with some yogurt. Once I’ve finished I take my dog, Red Dog, out for a walk. He is an Australian cattle dog. I live near San Antonio, Texas and there are great walks around here. 

9:30am – Login to OnlyFans 

I get back to my house at 9.30am and check my emails and texts. I also look at my to-do list for the week and see what needs to be done today. Managing my schedule takes a lot of organization but as long as I keep everything written down and stay productive, I can manage it. 

I login to my OnlyFans account and start replying to DMs. Chatting and interacting with your fans is super important to keep them engaged. I also check the custom requests that people have sent me. Custom requests can be anything from worshiping videos – basically a video where I show of my curves and breasts, and tell the viewer “from now on you will be worshipping this body like no other” – to different fetish niche videos like cigar smoking, or wearing body stockings, nylons, heels, etc. 

While I’m here I check my statistics to see how my content has been performing recently. Usually any videos of myself undressing from different outfits, showing off my curves, and teasing the camera performs well.  

Then, it’s time for socials. I login to Instagram and TikTok and check my analytics. I make a new post and also draft one up for tomorrow. Social media is a big part of building my brand and promoting my OF so I have to keep on top of it and I try to post something daily. 

“Usually videos of myself undressing from different outifits, showing off my curves, and teasing the camera performs well.” 

10.30am – Start glam 

I start getting ready to make content for the day. This means doing an amount of glam that most people would only do for a special occasion, every day. I style my hair, do my makeup, exfoliate my feet and put lotion on from head to toe. I also drink lots of water to hydrate my body and get that natural glow. 

While I’m getting ready I usually listen to a book on Audible – at the moment I’m listening to The Way of Men by Jack Donovan.

Once I’m ready I login to my Premium SnapChat and start making my daily naughty posts. While I’m there I reply to some fans too. 

12pm – Start shooting 

Next I start getting the lighting and camera ready to start shooting some OnlyFans content. I usually shoot at home or if I’m traveling then I shoot in a nice hotel or rental space. 

Then I get my outfits sorted and start shooting! I start with my custom requests first and then I go onto extra videos and photosets. It’s a lot of work. I will produce a few custom videos a week and then photo sets with videos at least 3 times a week. The most time consuming work is the editing process, I try to do enough content for 2 weeks, so I’m ahead

Once I’m finished I clean my sex toys (very important) and do laundry. 

1.30pm – Break time 

I have a light lunch and hydrate some more. Once I’m done I take a brisk walk with my dog around the block.


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3pm – Continue shooting 

Back to it! I make some new content for TikTok and an instagram reel. Then I start editing my day’s work for OnlyFans, Instagram and TikTok. 

5:30pm – Organize my fan list 

I plan and check up on promo for OnlyFans. I also check my DMs again, make some posts, send some sexts and send customs out. 

I start sorting out and organizing my fan list. This is a really important part of my day, as higher paying fans get more of my attention for supporting me the most so I have to be organized with this and keep on top of it! 

Then I plan some upcoming photoshoots with photographers and decide on locations, outfits, and times. I have to travel for these photoshoots a few times a month, so when I’m at home I’m usually planning the next one. 

Before finishing up, I go through my todo list again and make a new list for tomorrow. I need to run some errands tomorrow like going to the post office, getting my nails done, and going grocery shopping on top of my content list. It’s gonna be a busy day! 

Then I make and eat dinner. My typical dinner consists of homemade spaghetti or rotisserie chicken with a fresh salad. 

“Higher paying fans get more of my attention for supporting me the most so I have to be organised with this and keep on top of it”

7:30pm – Unwind from work 

To unwind from the day I go to a hot yoga class. I love how sweaty you get in these classes, I always feel amazing afterwards! I typically travel several times a month, so when I’m at home I make sure to go to yoga while I can. 

Once it’s over, I come home and have a much needed shower. Then I take my dog for another walk and play with him/her for a while. 

I login to Snapchat again to check my DMs and then into my Premium account to make some more posts. The content never ends! 

9:30pm – Back to my top paying fans 

I check back in on my OF site and DMs. Typically this time is reserved for my top paying fans. It puts me in a great mood before I go to bed and is better motivation for the next day’s content! 

I spend a lot of time online from when I wake up to when I go to bed, so recently I’ve been scheduling a full spa day at least once every two to three weeks to relieve the amount of time I spend online. My next one isn’t for a couple of weeks so I’ve got to power through for now!  

11pm – Bed time 

I get ready for bed, listen to my Audible book and cuddle with my dog. The perfect way to end the day. 

12am – 😴

I’m officially passed out! 

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