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Discover the Best Sex Toys for Stimulating Your Erogenous Zones

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Discover the Best Sex Toys for Stimulating Your Erogenous Zones
At afterglow, we’re all about improving women’s sexual satisfaction and learning how we can best pleasure ourselves. Becoming familiar with your erogenous zones will enhance how you masturbate, help you understand your body better, and uncover a world of pleasure. Different erogenous zones can bring about different types of orgasm, so discovering the feelings each part of your body can give you is a valuable step on your journey to true pleasure. If you’ve ever wondered how to stimulate your erogenous zones, read on, learn some new tricks, and get adding to your wish list.

The Erogenous Zones

Your collarbone & neck

While the collarbone and neck area may seem pretty tame when it comes to erogenous zones, we know someone who once nearly climaxed getting a collarbone tattoo (reader, it was me.) The trick here is to keep it simple: try getting a buzz on with a little bullet vibe. Dragging this across the collarbone, down the dip at the bottom of your neck and up to the ears will make you feel tingly all over. A similarly orgasmic effect, with just a little more bite, can be brought about from a pinwheel. If you’re a sewer, you might have one handy – they’re designed to trace designs from paper to fabric, but we’re more likely to use their little spikes to generate moans of pleasure. 

✨Tips for partner sessions: We need to talk about collars. Whether you’re deep into the BDSM life, or just experimenting with power play, this is a must-have accessory. When worn nice and snug, you’ll feel the rewards of being that bit powerless – amp this up by having your partner tug roughly on the accompanying leash and you’ll be a good girl all night.


Next up: nipples. The same part of the brain is aroused through both genital and nipple stimulation, which sounds to us like a great excuse to start exploring.  To rack up the intensity, invest in a pair of nipple clamps. These vibrating ones give you a mouthwatering, hands-free sensation, so you can focus your attention on other zones while you enjoy a powerful buzz up top. Or a heavy-duty screw-on pair let you adjust the pressure to precisely how you like it.

✨Tips for partner sessions: A two-headed vibrator is an exhilarating place to begin. This brings you the very best in good vibrations when you pinch your nipples between the two buzzing heads. Better still, if your partner has a penis, they can wear it as they slide between your breasts, directing the heads wherever they (or you) want.

Inner Thighs

When scouting for erogenous zones, don’t forget to give equal attention to your inner thighs. So tantalizingly close to your vulva, they’re the ultimate spot to tease. To begin, use a mini flogger for a bit of light self-BDSM. Start softly while you get used to the sensation – it can be tricky to judge the strength of your slaps correctly – but soon you’ll know exactly whether you need a light tickling or a solid whipping. You can also use the tassels to stroke your outer lips and clitoris.

✨Tips for partner sessions: An electro stimulator is another toy that lets you play around with intensity. Choose electric sensations from pleasurable to painful to enhance your masturbation or intercourse. The individual adhesive pads mean you alone can be the recipient of contactless spanking or you can share them with your partner for mutual thrills.


With so much to choose from – the A-Spot, the G-Spot, the O-Spot, the clitoris, etc – your vulva is a goldmine of erogenous zones. So let’s get stuck in. A clitoral sucker is an absolute classic: these little wonders use airwaves to suction and massage right where you need it, leading to a truly unique sensation and a truly exceptional orgasm.  To get those G-Spot Os, a rabbit vibrator lives up to its reputation. This vibrator has a thrusting head that will hit all your hot spots, as well as an external massager that does all the work for you. 

✨Tips for partner sessions: A wand should be on everyone’s list both for solo play and partner use. Magic by name and nature, it guarantees fast, thunderous orgasms. This one comes with some add-ons: let your partner decide whether you deserve a fluttering sensation, a stroking one, or the full-on intensity of a naked wand.


Too often ignored in masturbation, your booty is actually rife with all sorts of tingling erogenous zones. Some anal beads are a fantastic purchase for first-timers. Less intimidating than starting off with a dildo, these allow you to get used to what is a fairly unique sensation and let you begin your journey with confidence.

✨Tips for partner sessions: If you’re new to anal sex, have a look at our guide for beginners, and then think about what toys you can incorporate. Once you’re feeling more courageous, look out for an anal massage and education set. This one has body-safe condoms designed for fingering, as well as a wand, plug, dildo and a handy education pamphlet too.

Hopefully you now feel inspired to seek out some of the best sex toys for mastubation. Your body is hiding all kinds of unexpected surprises, so don’t be afraid to investigate a little further with your chosen toys. If you find yourself suddenly turning down invitations just to stay home for some quality “you time”, we take full responsibility!

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