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Why We Love Owen Gray: A Teen Magazine Love Letter

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Why We Love Owen Gray: A Teen Magazine Love Letter

Where do we start with Owen Gray? He’s an adult performer loved by many. He’s renowned in the porn industry for his work in kink and BDSM, and for his unique look. But that doesn’t sum up just how much people love him. 

He’s so popular that he’s had his own TikTok trend. The tag OwenGray currently has 131 million views on TikTok, and yet Gray himself doesn’t even have social media. A quick scroll through the app and you’ll soon be greeted by people swooning over his tattoos with close up photos of his leg tattoo saying “if you know, you know”. 

He is “porn for women” at its best. Young women love listening to his moans, they love how he treats female performers, and they upload photos of him with the caption “men who were written by women”. He—the one they affectionately refer to them as “alphabet leg”—is their porn boyfriend. 

And their boyfriends want to be like him too. They get jealous of him, they try to copy his “moves”, and they want his tattoos. 

So why are we all SO obsessed with Owen Gray? Well, let us just satisfy our teenage, Tiger Beat magazine reading selves for a minute…

owen gray

Owen Gray fact file 

Name: Owen Gray (duh) 

Birthday: 28 March 

Height: around 6 foot 

Career: He began his career in the adult industry in 2011 at the age of 24. But before this he went to Cosmetology school so he knows how to do hair. 

Location: San Francisco Bay Area 

Relationship status: Married 💔

Owen Gray’s favorite things (we think) 

Music: He’s supposedly a fan of heavy metal music and has cited bands like Metallica and Slipknot as some of his favorites

Hobbies: He enjoys making costumes in his spare time. He also loves the outdoors.

Subject: He’s a history nerd and has in the past said that the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Rome are some of his favorite topics to study.

Item of clothing: Skinny jeans left on during sex (if you know, you know)  

His best quality: His giving nature when it comes to female pleasure

Phew, it felt good to get that out of our system. Back to regular programming now… 

Where did Owen Gray come from? 

He got started in his career performing for He was interviewed for the job by none other than Mickey Mod and dove straight in at the deep end, shooting a gang bang scene with Ramone, Toni Ribas, James Deen, and Carlo Carrera — aka some of the biggest male performers in the industry — on his second day on the job. 

For a while he was rejected by other porn studios who claimed that his look was too “distracting” for their viewers. Thankfully, that changed after a few years and he has since performed all over. In mainstream LA movies, kink & BDSM shots, in Europe, amateur films, art films, and now almost exclusively shoots his own content.   

In an interview with XConfessions he explained, “In getting into porn I was able to live a bit more freely in who I am and the people who are in my life. And be surrounded by much more sex positive people”.

Why we love Owen Gray 

Now let’s look at some of the reasons we (and millions of others) love him so much. 

He broke the mold for male porn stars 

Owen Gray is not your typical porn star. If you were to compare him to some of the most popular male performers in the industry his unconventional look would most definitely stand out.  

Until Gray, there was a mold for straight male porn stars. We rarely saw their faces but their bodies were muscly and masculine. If they had a tattoo it was almost definitely tribal.  They looked like the king of rough sex Rocco Siffredi, Ron Jeremy (accused of multiple accounts of sexual assault), and James Deen (also accused of sexual assault). They were there to work, to be a hard cock and a professional pounder.

As Owen Gray told Asa Akira on the Pornhub Podcast, “[adult studios] enjoy the guys being this anonymous body that the viewer can project themselves onto”.

But then Owen walked onto the scene, and viewers found what they didn’t know they’d been looking for all along. Someone who isn’t engaged in performative or macho behavior, but rather displays a natural harmony with his sexuality.

And he knows this too. Despite his earlier setbacks, he now appreciates the fact that he is different. As he told Akira, this allows him to be more than just a stunt cock, but an actual character that people who love BDSM porn have gotten to know and love.

He shows what male pleasure can look like

To watch Owen Gray experiencing pleasure is to get a taste of heaven. He moans, lets us see the enjoyment reflected on his face, and loses himself in it. Gray is no stranger to being pegged, rimmed and anally stimulated. He isn’t worried about appearing a certain way during sex. His scenes feel—to use the often overused word—authentic.

On the Alone With The Pope podcast he explained, “So many people focus on the actions of sex, like the penetration, the choking, the physical attributes […] I try to consider the energy in my scenes and as a performer, the energy. Can you feel the energy that I’m focusing on them? Or that I’m responding to pleasure?” 

Oh, we most definitely can feel the energy. 

And he knows how to pleasure women 

Speaking to Akira, he said, “I enjoy watching women in pleasure, that’s exciting to me.” And don’t we know it. His videos almost always include oral sex on his female co-stars and a lot of clit action. There is usually a lot of kissing, caressing, and intimacy regardless of whether it’s a rough sex scene or not. The videos definitely cater towards female pleasure. 

He claims that a large part of the success of his videos comes from reading his viewers’ comments and responding to what people like. He said, “I don’t think I’m doing anything terribly unique […] I intentionally try to make my videos in a way that I think people can relate to. That people can watch it and be like that’s sex that doesn’t look overly performed and that I can attain and look hot and show a connection”.

owen gray tweet

Tattoos and scarification  

Owen Gray is known for his distinctive tattoos and scars. He is recognised by the enormous Y-shaped scar on his chest, which was done by body modification artist Brian Decker, and a black block of ink on his calf and the alphabet scattered across his thigh (hence the nickname alphabet leg). And his tattoos have changed a lot over the years too. Long time fans will notice that his back tattoo has changed, and other parts of his body have become more heavily inked over the years.  

He’s private and mysterious

Who doesn’t look a bit of mystery. Despite his cult following, Owen Gray doesn’t have an instagram (yep, only he could be so private and offline and still have his own TikTok trend) and there’s not a lot on the internet about him.

“I’ve progressively moved [to be] more and more private,” Gray told Akira. “I used to be very public online, talking about myself and my relationship. As I get older, I definitely value my privacy.” He thanks not living in LA and not living as Owen Gray 24/7 as helping him stay private. 

He’s the dom we all need  

Gray is known for his unique and intense performances, often incorporating BDSM and rough sex elements. He has worked with numerous adult studios and websites, including Evil Angel,, and Digital Playground where he’s been able to show off his dominating skills. 

Gray first got into kinky play when he visited a pro domme. He loved the fact that the pain from BDSM can bring you to a new state of consciousness and that is even how he got interested in body modification too.

Best Owen Gray movies 

I’m Obsessed with Owen Gray on afterglow 

Cintia Shapiro is out there living our dream life. Cintia has never performed in porn before, she is obsessed with Owen Gray and she gets to meet him for the first time on camera to have sex. Jealous much? Documentary meets porn, this is a raw encounter where all of the realness of sex — the nerves, passion, awkwardness, messiness — is left unedited.

Watch it on afterglow


Feminist and Submissive on XConfessions

Owen Gray does what he does best in this movie by Erika Lust. Addressing the question, “Can you be a feminist and submissive?”. Owen dominates the sweet but fierce Lina Bembe in a hard BDSM scene.  

Watch it on XConfessions 


All About Kristen on Deep Lush

If you like Owen Gray, you’ll probably like Small Hands too. This scene features both of them, having sex with Kristen Scott. Small Hands and Owen focus their attention on Kristen and create intense chemistry as they take turns having sex with her. It’s a perfect threesome in our humble opinion. 

Watch it on Deep Lush


Please note: No interview was conducted with Owen Gray for this article ✨

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