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Our Favorite Movies with the Performers from ‘Money Shot’ Pornhub Netflix Doc

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Our Favorite Movies with the Performers from ‘Money Shot’ Pornhub Netflix Doc

We have the answer that everyone is looking for. Where can you watch adult movies with the porn performers from the Netflix documentary Money Shot: The Pornhub Story?

Whatever your opinion is of the documentary, in our opinion there’s one clear star of the show: the adult performers. From speaking candidly about the far-right Christian groups behind some of the anti-sex trafficking campaigns, to putting their non-sex work lives on the line to speak openly in a documentary about porn – they drove the narrative of the documentary and without them there wouldn’t be a story.  

But if the documentary left you feeling confused or concerned about Pornhub’s ethics, you may have come to the conclusion that it’s time to start paying for your porn. To get started, we urge you to go and follow these performers on Twitter and buy their content on OnlyFans. Then, here are some of our favorite movies with the stars of the doc and the streaming platforms you can watch them on… 

Siri Dahl

siri dahl


Siri Dahl is what our x-rated dreams are made of. She is an award-winning adult film performer as well as a writer, social media personality, and sex workers rights activist. She had a pivotal role in the documentary and it was great to see her advocate for sex work and porn in a thoughtful and matter-of-fact way. Follow Siri on Twitter and OnlyFans

Watch Siri in Siri Dahl’s Self-Love Routine on afterglow

Siri Dahl's Self-Love Routine

In this self-shot solo movie Siri takes you inside her bedroom to show how she gives herself pleasure. From nipple clamps and self-paddling, to anal play with a dildo – this will inspire you to explore more in your own self-pleasure sessions. Finish with Siri in a special POV shot to get up-close and personal as she squirts while riding a dildo in her ass.

Watch it on afterglow


Natassia Dreams

We’ve got a thing for Natassia Dreams! A groundbreaking transgender pornstar, Natassia Dreams is a force to be reckoned with. Highly in tune with her sexuality, she is a natural in front of the camera making it easy for viewers to enjoy themselves and impossible not to be turned on. From performing to directing, Natassia wears many hats in the adult industry — all of which fit her perfectly. She even made history when she became the first ever trans performer to win in a woman’s category at the XBIZ 2021 awards. Find Natassia on Twitter & OnlyFans

Watch Natassia in Single Black Female on afterglow 

single black female

Natassia shows the world her brand new vulva after having gender affirmation surgery in this movie. Starring alongside Kira Noir, this is vulva pride at its best and great for trans representation of postoperative genitals.  

Watch it on afterglow


Wolf Hudson

wolf hudson

Wolf Hudson is an industry veteran who has been a notable name in many arenas of the adult industry for years. We love him for his adventurous body of work that transcends sex and gender and for making his unique porn career his own way. Follow Wolf on Twitter & OnlyFans

Watch Wolf in Around the World in 80 Ways: Mexico on

Around the World in 80 Ways is a series of vignettes self-shot by Stoya as she travels the world for work. Entirely shot on a handheld camcorder, each episode is a real insight into how she has sex with her friends. As she shoots in different locations you also get to do some sightseeing in places such as Amsterdam and Tokyo. In this episode you can enjoy some real life, hotel sex complete with grumpy neighbors who retaliate to their loud sex by playing equally loud music. It’s funny, real, and very hot.  

Watch it on


Cherie DeVille 

In her mid 40s, she may be young but she’s a self-identified “MILF”. Cherie first began performing in adult movies in her mid 30s after a career in physical therapy. In addition to being great on screen and having an insane body, she is also an amazing dancer. Follow Cherie on Twitter and OnlyFans

Watch Cherie in My Mother’s Hot Friend on afterglow 

Cherie DeVille is at her finest in this New Sensations movie. Before leaving for her vacation, she meets her house sitter Lucas Frost to show him around. You can guess where this is going…  

Watch it on afterglow


Asa Akira 

Asa Akira

With over 15 years in the industry, Asa Akira is an industry veteran with impressive performances in the fetish category that have earned nominations and awards from prestigious platforms like AVN, and XBIZ. She’s worked as a dominatrix, stripper, exotic dancer, and adult performer, and we can’t get enough. Follow Asa on Twitter and OnlyFans

Watch Asa in Asa Akira is Pure on AdultTime

Asa Akira is Sada, a femme fatale who takes a job at an LA fetish dungeon that services rich and powerful clients. A secret after-hours orgy leads her into an affair with the head-mistress’ husband and partner Kichi. The pair immerse themselves in their own sensual world, exploring kinks and fetishes that turn complex — Sada develops a fondness for sharp objects, as well as grabbing Kichi by the neck during sex. 

Watch it on AdultTime


Allie Knox 

With two Bachelor’s degrees in Art and Anthropology and a Master’s degree in Archeology, Allie Knox means business. She’s made a successful ​​career for herself in the adult industry and created an empire from scratch. From porn and camming to producing and creating custom clips, she focuses on all aspects of the industry. Follow Allie on Twitter and OnlyFans

Watch Allie in Obsession with my Step Moms Clothes on Girlsway

Teen Allie Eve Knox wants her stepmom Mona Wales to take her shopping but the widowed MILF has to work to support the family. Feeling neglected, Allie wanders into Mona’s bedroom to try on a bunch of her clothes. When Mona catches her, she gives her a pep talk on being more independent. Mona wishes she could do the things she used to do for her, like pick out her school outfits and give her baths. Now that she’s older they can do other things. She kisses her, but Allie Eve pulls away.

Watch it on Girlsway


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