We all know about the pleasurable world of visual pornography—but what about written erotica? If you’ve always longed for erotica that feels smart and relatable, you’ve come to the right place. AURORE publishes curated sexy stories written by and for women and LGBTQ+ based on their own experiences. 

Yearning to learn more? Keep reading to find out AURORE’s favorite benefits of reading erotica.

Likes +1

Scanning your memory for your best intimate experiences to write about offers you a chance to really reflect on encounters that worked for you (the ones you remember vividly and want to relive) versus those that are forgettable (either because they were mediocre or genuinely bad.) What made the positive memories stand out to you? Were you feeling especially comfortable in your body—and if so, why was that? Did it have to do with affirmations from your lover or a particular don’t give a fuck attitude you adopted because you wanted to get off in a very specific way? Identifying what you’ve enjoyed sexually gives you valuable information to try and recreate those situations in the future.

Verbalize your desires

Yes, AURORE stories are meant to be based on real experiences—but we’re not going to fact check your fever dream. We encourage embellishments and enhancements, and even some revisionist writing if it feels right. What do you *wish* you had done in the moment? If you could go back and be more present, say more about what you liked and wanted, or walk away with more grace—write it out! The act of putting these desires into words is incredibly powerful. When these thoughts and wishes leave the recesses of your mind and march into the real world, even virtually or confined to your diary, you are ~manifesting~ a new mode of being.

Body confidence

One of AURORE’s go-to writing prompts is to undress yourself in front of a mirror and lovingly describe your body like you want to fuck yourself. Focus on your sweet spots, the places you like to be touched, and the ways your body reacts when aroused with those touches. How does this help, you may ask, besides creating a delicious description of how hot you are? By putting nice thoughts into words, you’ll reaffirm a loving and pleasure-focused relationship with your body. You don’t need to feel amazing about your body to have great sex, but it helps if you are tuned into your body and what parts you like getting attention and stimulation. If you’re feeling good about this prompt, go to the next level: bonus points for masturbating in front of the mirror! It’s an amazing way to get acquainted with your body.

Get turned on

Literary erotica on ReadAurore.com allows you to consume spicy content on the DL: think about spicing up your morning commute, lunch hour, or waiting for your date at the bar. Steamy stories stimulate your mind and body to keep you in a state of heightened arousal without necessarily involving release. Enjoying erotica in this way is a form of edging, and once you do get to self pleasure or have sex with a lover, you’ll feel sensations more acutely.

Doing it for the story

If you’ve ever needed some extra encouragement to really “go for it” whatever that means to you, becoming a writer of real erotica is exactly the cheerleader you need. Writers have found themselves chasing better stories by being more open to new experiences and new people and even during hook ups often think about what would make for juicy content. While we never encourage faking it, sometimes a bit of performance and/or expectations can lead to a more thrilling encounter. Everything is what you make it. Sometimes what you make is a hook up ready to be adapted into an Oscar winning screenplay. 

Read porn

Introducing a third into a relationship can be a lot. Even if that “third” is pornography, a sex toy, a new scene, or roleplay. AURORE offers a nice stepping stone for couples who may not want to jump into visuals or real life scenarios. Reading stories that explore pegging, threesomes, polyamory, fetishes, and kinks, can help you open up your relationship in an environment built to make you feel good, with your interests represented. AURORE’s stories are focused on women’s pleasure and largely written by women—so there’s a lot of information and education available in the stories for those who want to learn how to better pleasure people with pussies.


Ready to start reading or writing? Welcome to the world of AURORE—Seeking: smart smut. Stories about positive sexy times. Relatable and real lit porn. Instead of going fiction/fantasy we thought: why not tell the truth? One woman in Brooklyn began sharing her stories, then working one-on-one with new writers to help shape their experiences. The process proved both cathartic and wildly erotic. The result is a highly curated collection of literary porn with a plotline. An anthology of the sex we loved, our hook-up greatest hits. Our submissions are always open as our archives grow—writing and reading real erotica is good for you! 

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