What would you do if you got to sleep side-by-side with the sexiest person you know, every night? Now, imagine if you knew how to pleasure them exactly how they wanted. Well, I have good news… that person can be yourself! 

Sex is a vital part of our lives, but unfortunately solo sex or masturbation often gets overlooked. Self-pleasure can be a valuable tool for gaining insight into your body and fostering healthy sexual habits. It’s time we shine some light on how to have sex with yourself.

The Importance of Solo Sex

Solo sex can boost bedroom confidence like nothing else. By exploring your own desires, you become more aware of what turns you on. You’re then able to guide partners during partnered sessions, leading to improved sexual satisfaction. I mean, how is a partner supposed to pleasure you perfectly if you aren’t sure yourself?

Masturbation offers numerous health benefits too. For instance, it relieves stress and aids in quality sleep. But it’s not only good for your physical health – your mental health can benefit too. Learning about your own anatomy and its hidden pleasures (hello g-spot and prostate). 

In other words, regular self-pleasure exercises lead us towards the path of empowered orgasms and enhance overall well-being. And who doesn’t love better orgasms?

Creating a Pleasurable Environment

Your surroundings can play a big part in your solo sex sessions. Why not take yourself on a sexy little date?

The right ambiance can set the mood and elevate your experience. Consider dimming the lights or lighting some candles to create an intimate atmosphere. Background music or audio porn can also help stimulate your senses and get you in the zone. A comfortable spot is key too. A soft bed, plush couch, or even a warm bath could be just what you need to relax into pleasure. 

To heighten sensations further, consider using lube such as coconut oil, water-based lube, or CBD lube during self-play – it’s game-changing. And let’s not forget about aids like sex toys, which can help you pleasure those hard-to-reach spots and add some spice to your routine.

Create your own sanctuary of sensuality where every session feels special because of how thoughtfully curated it is by none other than yourself. After all, you know what you like best. 

Exploring Foreplay Techniques

Solo sessions aren’t just about reaching the end goal – they should also involve foreplay techniques akin to those used in partnered sex or mutual masturbation. You deserve to be seduced until you can’t even resist touching yourself anymore.

Start to arouse your senses with your favorite erotic content. Porn doesn’t have to just be for partnered sex – it’s also an excellent tool for self-exploration during solo sessions. Ethical porn sites like Afterglow give a realistic depiction of sex, helping you discover what turns you on.

Need some ideas for foreplay? Check out Siri Dahl’s Self-Love Routine:

Knowing Your Erogenous Zones

To enhance arousal, find those sensitive spots that respond well when stimulated – they’re called erogenous zones. Each one holds an exciting promise for heightened sensations. In fact, while all of our bodies are different, healthline reports that there are a whopping 31 different erogenous zones. That’s a lot of potential for solo action!

You see, every person has their own map of these hotspots which needs exploration. Erogenous zones can be a great starting point for exploring what areas of your body you enjoy stimulating most. Who knows? Maybe your ear is your next sexual achilles heel.

The Role of Body Acceptance in Solo Sex

While it’s much easier said than done, acknowledging and accepting our bodies as they are makes us feel comfortable with ourselves. This comfort translates into better sexual experiences because you’re focused on pleasure rather than insecurities. 

When you’re masturbating, remind yourself that you’re in a safe space in which you can explore any and all sexual fantasies with absolutely no judgment. Try to affirm that you deserve pleasure, and you’re allowed to experience it. 

I mean come on! You get to have sex with the sexiest person alive – yourself! 

Turning yourself on yet?

So, you’ve journeyed through the wonderland of self-pleasure. Now, you not only know how to have sex with yourself, but also why it’s essential for your sexual well-being.

You’ve learned that solo sex boosts confidence and satisfaction in bed. You now comprehend that self-love isn’t a clandestine subject, but instead an encouraging deed with both physical and mental health advantages.

In essence, solo sex is about embracing oneself fully — being comfortable in one’s skin while reaching new heights of pleasure all by oneself. And what’s sexier than that?

Your journey doesn’t stop here though – continue exploring yourself and find what makes you tick best. Below are some of our favorite solo sex porn recommendations to help continue your journey.

How I Like to Touch Myself

It’s a beautiful, slow-paced, multi-orgasmic journey that’s bound to inspire and arouse. It’s perfect for everyone – whether you’re new lovers, a long-term couple, or just a curious individual seeking pleasure. Alex explores intimacy in isolation when seeing other people in person is hard to do. “Is the wanting that feels the best not the having” she says in her warm and sexy voice while touching herself softly. While her fingers stimulate her vulva, she narrates every single detail of how she wants you to please her over and over again.

Solar Orgasm

Set in Brazil, Aló shows us just how self pleasure should be done. As she sits in the sun and bites into some perfectly ripe fruit, she lets the juice run down her naked body and listens to her body’s desires. Using an ice cube to play with her clitoris before reaching for a glass wand, this is the perfect combination of sensation play and intimate masturbation.

How to Blend Orgasms

Do you want to have bigger, better orgasms? In this eduporn, adult performer Ela Darling takes you on an orgasmic journey to have a more intense climax by mixing the unique sensations of different orgasms into one longer, deeper experience. Including anal pleasure, internal stimulation, and clit play – you’ll learn how to reach them and combine them for blended orgasm synergy. We’ll take ours blended, please…


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