Picture this: you’re on a hike with your partner and you suddenly become aware of the way their muscles tense, relax, and ripple through the back of their sweaty shirt. They glance over their shoulder, make eye contact, and smile. It dawns on you that you’re alone in nature, and you imagine the two of you, naked and tangled in each other’s limbs, your fingers digging into the dirt while your head tilts back in pleasure. What’s your next move?

If you’ve never had sex outdoors before, it can be a little intimidating. How do you get comfortable? How do you know your partner will be into it? How do you avoid getting caught?

We partnered with with Shane and Stacy from Sparks Go Wild to answer common questions they get, like:

  • Why sex outdoors and what’s so great about it?
  • How they keep from getting caught
  • What their favorite things are about being performers

Stacy and Shane tell you what they love about having sex outside. Then, they show you how it’s done.

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Feeling inspired? Here are a few extra steamy tips for outdoor sex from our team at afterglow.

5 Tips for Outdoor Sex

Whether you’re wondering how to have good sex in the woods or how to have good sex while camping, you probably know (or can imagine) the basics: find a place where you can be alone, come prepared with anything you’ll need to have a safe and sexy time (vibrators hit different in the woods, y’all. You heard it here, first), and go for it.

Beyond those foundational tips, here are five ideas on how to have better sex outside.

Get creative to get comfortable

Sex is better when you’re relaxed. And it’s impossible to relax when you’re not comfy. Before you have sex outside, take a moment to think about about what you and your partner need to feel comfortable. Then, get creative to make it happen.

Planning to lay down? Look for soft, smooth things in your environment like moss, soil, or sand. Alternatively, set out some clothes (especially under your hips, shoulder blades, and head). Hopping on top? Sandals can be especially useful for cushioning knees. 

Having sex while camping? Getting comfortable might look like zipping your sleeping bags together, positioning the sleeping pads strategically so they don’t slide out from underneath you, and being mindful of noise (especially if there are campsites nearby). In a study brain mapping orgasms, simply wearing socks caused a 30% increase in a couple’s ability to achieve orgasm. Never underestimate the power of good socks!

Comfort doesn’t kill the vibe. It heightens it.

Lean into what you’re into

Do you fantasize about getting caught? You may not be able to actually get caught, but psychological fantasies can be just as hot as the real thing. Intentionally picture someone catching a glimpse of your naked bodies through the trees. You can even share your fantasy with your partner and imagine it together. Your fantasies are sexy AF, and your partner would be lucky to hear about them.

Do new sensations turn you on? The outdoors is full of new touches, tastes, sights, smells, and sounds. Slow down and notice them. Can you smell pine, dirt, and sweat? Or feel warm sun on your bare skin? A gentle breeze tickling your vulva? Let it all happen to you, and notice it happening. Research shows that mindfulness makes sex better, so get into your body and pay attention to how things feel. You might uncover new parts of your sexual self, or delve deeper into ecosexuality if you’re already exploring it.

Protect yourself from the elements (as best as you can)

Temperature play can be fun, but you don’t want to experience hypothermia. Be mindful of weather before you strip down. Consider whether you have towels, shelter, and a change of warm clothes if it’s raining or if you’re planning to take a skinny dip. Pick a shady spot if the sun is out, and apply sunscreen (but only in the places your partner won’t be kissing or licking momentarily). Avoid mosquito repellent; it doesn’t belong in mouths or on genitals. If mosquitoes are around, a quickie might be your best bet.

Get playful with outdoor sex

There’s something about being naked outside that feels innocent and childlike. Use this as an opportunity to get playful with your partner. Ask them questions about what feels good. Explore their body as if it’s your first time seeing it. Nature is a giant playground, and sex is how adults play together, so play!

Keep in mind, playing can also look like having your partner bend you over a fallen tree and fucking you until you’re screaming. You do you.

Aftercare during outdoor sex

Being in a new environment can be disorienting for some people. Taking care before, during, and after sex outside might look different than it usually does when you’re in the woods.

Before, checking in and taking care of yourselves might look like finding a super secluded, comfy place or talking about desires (I want to keep my socks on the whole time 😏). During, it might look like repositioning clothes, sleeping pads, leaves, branaches, rocks, and bodies until you’re both comfortable. After, it might look like cuddling (yes, you can absolutely still cuddle on a forest floor), using baby wipes or leaves to clean up bodily fluids, and exchanging affirmations like, “I love having sex with you in the woods.”

Make sure to take care of your environment, too. Pack out any trash like condoms and lube, and try to leave your hidden spot looking the way it did when you found it. Keep nature sexy.

Ready for your own sexy outdoor adventure?

You’re hot and you’ve got this. But if you need a little extra inspiration (or if you’re curious, and we promise we won’t tell anyone), check out the video to see how Shane and Stacy do it:

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You know what they say: always be prepared. Scout’s motto. 😉

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