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What to expect:

This is guided practice to support you in experimenting and exploring a variety of ways of touching, stroking, massaging and delighting your pussy with your hands.  Oftentimes we have a habituated way of masturbating.  This practice is intended to guide you out of that rut and expand your exploration. It is an invitation to delight in more time exploring touch, sensation and pleasure of your pussy.

*Pairs well with our original film: U Up?

Benefits include: 

  • Become more in tune and connected to your pussy.
  • Enhance pleasure sensations and expand your pleasure potential.
  • Bring more curiosity, creativity, healing and fun to your erotic exploration.
  • Have stronger, different and/or more powerful orgasms.

Suggested preparations:

Take a moment before this practice to set the mood. For example, you might light some candles, put on some music, wear something that turns you on and make sure you are warm and comfortable.  Have some lube or massage oil nearby, and perhaps a dildo or other sex toy if you desire to integrate that into your exploration.  Spend as much time as you desire turning yourself on with touch, dance, fantasy, etc before starting the practice.

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Usha Rose, founder of the Erotic Embodiment Institute, is a Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Relationship Coach.  She teaches online group programs and offers private coaching for women who want to connect more intimately to their pleasure, desire and sexuality so that they can live a more confidently embodied, empowered and fully expressed life of joy and freedom.

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