Jessica Starling is a camgirl and porn performer. She got her start in the industry as a stripper soon after she turned 18. After dancing for a few years she decided she wanted to expand into other areas of the sex industry. First turning to camming, she did her first broadcast on Chaturbate in 2016 and has been hooked ever since! 

She loves role play, taboo, and fetish films. She particularly loves playing the role of mommy, sister, and homewrecker. Some of her favorite fetishes are humiliation, cuckolding, pegging, and impregnation. And she’s a fantastic dirty talker. 

She splits her time between shooting her own content at home for OnlyFans and performing in indie adult movies. She’s always working on something new for her fans. And aside from the videos that she comes up with herself she’s made over 100 custom porn videos, bringing someone’s fantasy to life. 

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So is working as a performer in the adult industry as saucy as it sounds? Read on to see what Jessica Starling gets up to day by day. 

🎬 Shoot Day: A Day on a Porn Set 

6am – Wake up 

When I’m doing a studio production I have to wake up much earlier than usual. It tends to be around 6 or 7 am. I get up, take a shower and look at the call sheet to see what I need to bring. 

Most days I need lingerie, panties, dresses, skirts, bikinis, heels. I also have to bring multiple options of everything to be considered. Once I pack my bags I travel to the set. Sometimes I have a driver from my agency, but I mostly just Uber there and back. I don’t drive at all! 

I live in Toronto, Canada but as 99% of my scenes are in LA I usually take month-long trips to LA to shoot.

9am – On-set call time 

When I arrive I meet the director and he chooses what I’m going to wear from the options that I’ve brought with me. I say “he” because the director is usually a man. 

Usually a big studio shoot will last at least four hours, but I’ve also been on set for 12 hours if the film requires a lot of dialogue. Despite what a lot of people would think, sex is usually the fastest part of the shoot, usually taking about 40 minutes. 

My favorite part about shooting a studio film is meeting everyone on set. Most times I am meeting my costars on set for the first time, especially since I am new. It made me a bit nervous at first, but now it’s exciting. Plus I’ve met a lot of cool people now that I love working with.

My least favorite part of shooting on set is the waiting around because they have to take stuff down or set things up. Usually when I’m waiting, I try to take some pictures of myself. I should probably get better at doing that as I’m already done up with hair and makeup so I should make the most of it!  

“I meet the director and he chooses what I’m going to wear from the options that I’ve brought with me. I say “he” because the director is usually a man.”

6pm – Get home 

Depending on the length of the shoot, I usually get home in the late afternoon or early evening. I eat, shower, go on YouTube for a bit to watch something, smoke a joint, and go to bed. 

On YouTube, I love watching gaming videos. I actually turned my video gaming into work and I stream on Twitch now. Everything seems to have to be work for me! I haven’t had much time to play recently but my favorite game right now is Dead by Daylight. I’m also playing the Resident Evil remake. I love horror games. 

“Sex is usually the fastest part of the shoot” 

12am – Go to bed 

After a long shoot day I usually flop into bed and fall asleep instantly. 😴 


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 🏠 Non-Set Day: Shooting Content at Home 

Between 8am and 10am – Wake up & go to the gym 

When I’m working from home I can wake up a little later, usually between 8am and 10am. I wake up, have coffee and then go to the gym. My roommate has a workout plan for us and we do a little bit of everything to be well-balanced. 

12pm – Plan my day 

After the gym I review what I have for work for the day. I try to stick to a schedule for my work-from-home days as I have a lot to do and I need to be organized. 

Monday and Tuesday I try to have full filming days. Wednesday and Thursday I do editing and uploading, Friday and Saturday usually camming, and Sunday is marketing. So each week I’m working everyday because otherwise there is no time to fit it all in. 

Making and uploading my own content, and marketing myself, means filming, editing, scheduling, copywriting, customer research, marketing, customer service, and much more. Being an adult performer is A LOT of work, yet somehow it’s still not recognized as real work. 

When I’m overwhelmed, I usually take a day off but I’m a workaholic and there’s always so much to do. I’m actually looking into hiring someone to manage my uploading because I don’t have time to focus on the best practices for every site i”m on. 

1pm – prep for shooting 

I usually start work at about 1pm on a good day. The night before I will have written down all of the outlines for the videos I want to film. So on the day I can just focus on getting it done. 

I do my makeup, hair and set up my recording space in my bedroom. I mostly shoot in my bedroom but occasionally shoot in other places around the house. 

Then I get all my supplies out. I choose the sex toys i’m going to use that day and wash them so they’re ready to do. I make sure my camera battery is fully charged and set up the tripod. I choose the outfits I’m going to wear for each video. 

Then I go over my notes from last night again and decide which order is best to film things in. When I’m shooting videos in bulk I usually record between four and ten simple videos in one day. But if I need a lot of content for one theme – say Halloween – I will spend the whole day shooting for one bigger project otherwise it’s hard to switch outfits. In the past I’ve done satanic Halloween shoots where I had horns, a pentagram bondage harness, and my makeup done all evil. 

“When I’m shooting videos in bulk, I usually record between four and ten simple videos in one day” 

2pm – Start shooting 

I start shooting and take some photos as I go along. To keep myself on track and double up on content, I stream on OnlyFans while I’m filming. I don’t do it very often, but I think I’ll start doing it more because there’s nothing to distract me because there’s always people commenting asking what I’m filming next. Plus, because I’m streaming on my phone it keeps me from getting distracted by notifications. Otherwise I usually keep my phone on airplane mode. 

8 or 9pm – Finish shooting 

I won’t finish work until I have at least four videos and four picture sets done, unless I’m doing something that is more involved like a cosplay or costume. Once I’ve done shooting I can finally relax for a while and do some gaming.  

There you have it. A day in the life of adult performer and camgirl, Jessica Starling. 


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