Once banished to ads in the back pages of adult magazines under the dubious title of “marital aids”, sex toys have had a major come-up.

Read on for ten toys that made a difference in how we made love in 2021!

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1. We-Vibe: We-Vibe Syync

We-Vibe’s bestselling couples vibrator, the We-Vibe Sync. Designed to be worn hands-free during sex and allow both partners to feel its powerful vibrations. Sync is adjustable to follow the unique shape of the wearer’s body and stay in place throughout foreplay and intercourse. Thanks to the internal section sending sensations to the G-spot and the external section stimulating the clitoris. The wearer or the penetrating partner can control Sync’s variety of vibration patterns and speeds via the included remote or the brand’s proprietary We-Connect mobile app. 

Why we love it: Sync’s app-controlled interactive features, including “Beat mode” for setting the vibrations to your own music and “Touch mode” for custom stimulation, take teasing to new heights and offer a safe introduction to power exchange play for users dipping a toe in kink.

2. Clone-a-Willy

Original DIY dildo kit Clone-a-Willy lets users create perfect replicas of their favorite penises as fully functional silicone vibrators. Using body-safe casting and crafting materials with simple instructions, Clone-a-Willy (and its companion product, Clone-a-Pussy) result in the most personalized sex toys possible for yourself or your lover. Clone-a-Willy’s original bestselling kit is available in three natural skin tones, an assortment of fantasy colors, and even glow-in-the-dark hues.

Why we love it: While replica toys are nothing new, most of us aren’t the famous adult performers being scouted by major toy companies. Clone-a-Willy’s all-in-one kits remove that barrier. We especially love them for long-distance relationships!

3. Maude: Vibe 

Vibe by Maude’s raindrop shape and soft platinum-grade silicone are both aesthetically beautiful and functional. A wide, rounded base makes Vibe easy to hold during use. While the fast-moving flutter tip creates rubbing and licking sensations for building waves of pleasure. Vibe’s motor can be set to any of three stimulating speeds, and boasts a vigorous 2.5-hour battery life when fully charged with the included USB cable.

Why we love it: The Maude Vibe’s unique movements provide sensations that aren’t possible to achieve with most vibrators, exactly where you need them the most.

4. Lovability: WaterSlyde

Simple design equals serious payoff with the Lovability WaterSlyde bathtub faucet attachment. This durable, battery-free sex toy easily slips over your bath tap to direct a stimulating stream of water to your clitoris and vulva. 

Why we love it: The sensuality of a relaxing bath and naughty faucet fun can now be achieved hands-free and without uncomfortable, awkward body positioning. Just set your preferred water temperature and intensity, lie back, and let your love flow.


a sex toy on afterglow, porn for women


5. Lora DiCarlo: Osé 2

The Osé 2 by Lora DiCarlo targets multiple pleasure zones with deep, rumbling vibrations, airflow technology, and a flexible motorized tip. The internal-use section stimulates the vagina and G-spot with a body-contoured shape and firm come-hither motions that can be set to three different stroke lengths. While the external clitoral stimulator vibrates and sucks at your orgasmic power center. 

Why we love it: Lora DiCarlo’s Osé 2 is one of their award-winning sex toys and for good reason. It won and then lost the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show’s Innovation Award in a flurry of controversy. But, this showed us that there’s no such thing as bad publicity when the award was reinstated and the brand returned the following year to sweep more categories.


6. Babeland: Unicorn Tails – Rainbow

This body-safe silicone anal plug from one of our favorite shops has a tapered tip for easy insertion and a magical cascade of playful rainbow curls flowing from the base. The visually stimulating unicorn tail effect of this butt plug will drive your partner wild, while the soft, smooth material prepares you for further play.

Why we love it: Sex should be fun, and experimenting should feel safe — and sex toys help with exactly that. The whimsical look and moderate size of Unicorn Tails are ideal for easing in as a beginner to anal stimulation or pony play.


7. Lovehoney: Lovehoney Advanced Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit with 7 Inch G-Spot Dildo 

This complete kit is suitable for all users and couple types interested in exploring strap-on sex. Use this comfortable, adjustable harness with the included 7-inch silicone dildo, or adapt it for use with any of your favorite toys using one of the three multi-size O-rings.

Why we love it: The harness’s open design makes comfortable wear possible for all users while leaving intimate areas accessible, and the dildo’s slim, curved shape is ideal for G-spot stimulation in AFAB people or prostate stimulation through pegging.

8. Lioness

Lioness may look like a standard rabbit-style vibrator, but when paired with its corresponding mobile app this product is so much more! When Lioness’s built-in sensors detect your body temperature, its data receivers begin mapping your pleasure and recording each high and low for review by your eyes only. Featuring 100 customizable vibrating modes and a live-viewing option to see your pleasure in real time, Lioness is your partner in self-discovery.

Why we love it: Lioness makes one of the fundamentals of sexual empowerment–learning what you like and how your body responds through self-stimulation–easier and more enriching than ever before through its groundbreaking use of data technology.


9. CRAVE: Vesper

The sexy, stealthy, stylish Crave Vesper vibrator doubles as a sleek minimalist pendant for portable pleasure with your sex toys whenever you need it. Available in silver, rose gold, and 24kt gold finishes over a durable stainless steel body, this quiet but powerful clitoral vibe is easy to operate with its discreet single-button control.  

Why we love it: The Vesper hides in plain sight so the perfect orgasm is always within reach. While the USB-rechargeable technology eliminates the need for tiny, hard-to-find batteries. Take advantage of the free engraving service to send yourself or a lucky recipient the ultimate love letter.

a sex toy on afterglow, porn for women

10. WOO More Play: Vibez 

The slim silicone body of the Woo Vibez vibrator is lightweight and comfortable to maneuver. Never too bulky or in the way during solo or partnered sex. A heart-shaped loop at the base gives Vibez a fun, flirty look and slips over the finger for optimal control and positioning.

Why we love it: The 5-speed controls, attractive design, and matching storage case make Vibez your ideal travel partner.


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