We desire to be unapologetically self-expressed in a judgmental world, but we also want to be loved and adored. Sometimes we accidentally slip into “agreeable,” people-pleasy, and approval-seeking behavior, trained as we all were to behave in ways that will gain approval. How can we be free and loved at the same time? Is it even possible? Actually, it’s impossible not to be both. All the love you want is on the other side of destroying your reputation. In this unconventional meditation experience, you will stop worrying about other people and their reactions, without defensiveness or a chip on your shoulder.

On March 1st, Kassi Underwood, founder of The Practice and author of May Cause Love (HarperOne), joined afterglow for a special online event on how to free yourself from what other people think. As a member of the afterglow community, we’re giving you exclusive access to Kassi’s workshop just in case you missed it. Get ready to step into the energy of true self-expression and the natural high of being loved for who you really are. You ready?


About Kassi Underwood 

Kassi Underwood is the founder of The Practice and author of May Cause Love (HarperOne). She is a spiritual teacher and the first ever resident Meditation Advisor at Harvard Innovation Labs. Kassi has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, creatives, and activists to transcend their circumstances.

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