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Your Pleasure Horoscope for 2021 Virgo Season

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Your Pleasure Horoscope for 2021 Virgo Season
Everybody’s feeling orderly but that doesn’t mean they’re not in sexual healing mode. Gemini’s bucket list is getting pretty full and Sagittarius may need a new shirt by the time they’re done.
Virgo season approaches with order and practicality in tow. This month brings a Pisces Full Moon, Venus in Libra, and a New Moon in Virgo.


Pisces Full Moon

The September 20 Full Moon in Pisces may be particularly emotional. Being sensitive isn’t a bad thing: use this time to explore your untapped artistic potential. Apply that creativity to mind blowing masturbation sessions. Sometimes, it really does serve you to make things pretty.


Venus in Libra

Venus enters Libra on August 16. Known as the zodiac’s diplomat, Libra is a flirty, outgoing counterpart to brooding, introverted Virgo. Expect levity in romance and shared values with romantic partners. Virgo is a precise artist, Libra knows how to make things sparkle. For this transit, get out the body glitter.


New Moon in Virgo

If the pleasures of Leo season were a wild, indulgent ride, Virgo season—characterized by sensibility, practicality, and a dedication to improvement—is a great time to restabilize. Ground into the practical, deeper healing energetics of solo play, using masturbation as a therapeutic means of mindfulness.


Horoscopes by Sign


Your entrepreneurial, keep-it-pushing attitude sits right in line with Virgo’s tendencies toward self-reliance. Loosen your grip in the bedroom. Give over control by embracing your inner pillow princess. Do: Ask for ass worship, oral in ropes, or anything else that allows you to receive.



Virgo’s perfectionism is a good match for your hard-working tendencies, Taurus. Don’t consider yourself above the basics—there’s room for finding nuance there as well. Do: Sweet and simple positions with maximum eye contact.



Your impulsiveness might be inadvertently overstimulating you. Incorporate Virgo’s orderly ways to do some sexual decluttering. Do: Map out your sexual bucket list—lube and vibe in hand.



As a dreamy and emotional Cancer, Virgo practicality is something you could definitely get more of. Get real about what’s working for you sexually and what isn’t. Do: Send take-no-shit, clarifying texts that need to be read in your post-masturbation glow. 



You’re used to performing for an adoring crowd, this month try sourcing your validation internally like introverted Virgo. Do: Nipple pinching and dildo riding in front of the mirror, no camera, no phone.



It’s your month, relentless Virgo. In the midst of your seemingly always-packed schedule, remember to set aside time to appreciate yourself, too. Do: Masturbate on your back, feet up, and self celebratory nudes after.



Take a break from working the room. This month is calling for you to play inside. Do: Well-lubed new toys.



Always in tune with your sexual side, you can only deepen your understanding of your body from here. Do: Incorporate mirrors to get familiar with your O-face and put on a show for yourself.



Your tastes tend to change suddenly. Bring that natural spontaneity into bed this month. Nothing is off the table. Do: Temperature-based nipple play in silk blouses.



Learn into your stubbornness, try bratting it up. It’s sexy when you ask for your needs to be met. Do: Whine, just this once, and make sure you’re ready to beg hard for more.



While your analytical brain can get provoked by Virgo’s desire for correctness, don’t stress about the folks who don’t get it. Do: Out-there porn together, and messy sex with the lights on. 



Although emotional, you bottle up your darkest fears. Allow yourself to fully feel Virgo season’s healing powers this month. Do: Vulnerability in the streets and selfishness in the sheets.

Meet the author...

Meet the author...

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