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Our Favorite Ethical Sexual Wellness Brands

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Our Favorite Ethical Sexual Wellness Brands

As an ethical porn company, we like to practice what we preach. And what we preach is: shop, consume and enjoy ethical sexual wellness products and content. It can be daunting knowing where to start, so we’ve come up with a list of our favorite ethical sexual wellness brands, ranging from mind-blowing toys to community safe spaces, that will give you a nudge in the right direction. Get ready to start bookmarking as you find out more.

What does ‘ethical’ mean?

We are a female-led, ethical, sex-positive brand, and we like to mix with studios, brands and people who live by a similar ethos. 

For us, the concept of being ‘ethical’ encompasses many things: independent businesses, companies that put female pleasure first, eco-friendly folks and socially conscious brands that focus on performers’ and buyers’ health and wellbeing. We work with and champion organizations that put a spotlight on marginalized groups, that eschew an exploitative male gaze and that don’t value profit over duty of care.

Toys & Tech

Female pleasure is our number one goal, so we’re always on the lookout for brands that share this vision. Roar is a space for women with or without a vulva of any size or race to shop for toys without judgement. The brand understands that women’s sexual desires have been taboo for too long, and aspire for them to be unapologetic about their pleasure – and their orgasms.

Similarly, Babeland was launched in 1993 as a reaction to the lack of women-friendly sex shops in their home city of Seattle. They offer a Guide to Mindblowing Sex, a Yes/No/Maybe consent sheet to explore with your partner, and educations events about all things sex.

We love a good sex app, so Dipsea naturally caught our attention. This female-focused start-up and story studio provides audio content: sensual stories, wellness guides and soothing sleep sounds. They aim to be relatable – you will hear yourself in their stories; feminist – women in their stories are empowered and radical; and celebratory – they’re all about enthusiastic consent and healthy boundaries.

Sexual wellness brand Unbound is a few things at once. Primarily run from a couple of New York apartments, it now has a diverse team of women dedicated to selling affordable, body-safe products for when you’re feeling yourself. They also have a magazine that documents everything from reviews of their stock and education about sex toys to articles about female health and interviews with fascinating people in the industry.

Community & Care

When you’re looking for an eco-friendly intimate care brand, you could do so much worse than checking out Bloomi. They take a no-bullshit approach to supplying clean and sustainable sexual wellness products, from sex journals and literature about how to please yourself, to pelvic floor strengtheners, period underwear and sex toys. (P.s. Our founder, Lilly Sparks, recently wrote an article on their blog! Check it out here.)

Astroglide is one of our go-tos for smooth, silky lube. The company is trusted by doctors, healthcare professionals and sex educators, thanks to their line of long-lasting, non-irritating and odorless lubricants. 

Safe spaces are incredibly important when it comes to sexual wellness, and the internet makes it so much easier to find them. We love Feeld, ostensibly a dating app for both couples and single people. But it’s so much more than that, providing events, collaborations, a blog and even a journal, Mal, which is a place to find good writing about sex, gender, race and LGBTQIA+ experiences. 

There’s also Safe Slut, an Instagram account that doles out education and information about living with, navigating, and disclosing herpes diagnoses. Founder Tricia Wise also sells a range of oils and lotions for outbreaks, inspired by reiki healing.

These options should start you off on your journey to discover your favorite ethical sexual wellness brands. We’ve found that Instagram is a good place to learn more. If you’re in doubt about a company, just ask yourself: is it diverse, socially conscious, eco-friendly or independent? If yes – you’re in the right place. Have fun, and happy exploring!

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