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Everything You Need to Know about FaceTime Sex

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Everything You Need to Know about FaceTime Sex

FaceTime sex! In theory it sounds easy, but logistically it can feel overwhelming. How exactly do you have FaceTime sex, anyway?!

If you’ve ever been in a long distance relationship, you may already know a little something about FaceTime sex. Online shenanigans have been the number one way to connect with far away partners, since the inception of the internet (remember chat rooms? a/s/l/).

We’ve come a long way since the original cyber sex. Technology has given us the tools to see and interact with our partners in real time and even help facilitate their orgasm (more on this later…).

Prefer to watch and learn, rather than read? 

Watch & learn from the experts in U Up? on afterglow. Adult performers Remi Amour and Mickey Mod show you exactly how FaceTime sex works in this mutual masturbation movie.  Their longing for skin on skin contact combined with slow, sensual movements, will leave you feeling like you’re another person joining in. 

As you watch the FaceTime sex video, pay attention to the following: 

  • How they introduce dirty talk into their call
  • Their communication throughout 
  • How they use different types of play, like spanking, and not just masturbation 
  • Finishing the experience  

Then, try it for yourself… 

Watch U Up? on afterglow

Facetime sex can definitely take some getting used to and you might be a little nervous about the performative nature of video sex. If you want to learn the step by step of how to have Facetime sex, read on!

Nail down the logistics

First, let’s get the essentials out of the way. Lighting, location and camera set up is all essential for a steamy Facetime session. 

You don’t need professional equipment, but you at least want your partner to be able to see you. Play around with different lighting and angles to see what works best, prior to your virtual date.

Your backdrop doesn’t have to be crushed velvet curtains and fruit bowls (is that a sexy backdrop?), but at least make sure your dirty laundry is hidden away.

You can also invest in a small tripod for your phone if you’d rather have both hands free, but that’s the dealer’s choice.

And while you’re pre-planning your set up, you can also have a pre-conversation with your partner…

Set your boundaries

If there’s anything you feel uncomfortable doing on camera, let your far away friend know beforehand.

Set any boundaries or talk about what might be hot to try before the cameras are even rolling.

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable doing something on camera that you would normally be comfortable doing IRL.

Make a list of things you think would be hot to do. Things you might like them to do. Phrases or words you like/dislike. Then compare notes with one another.

Foreplay is still necessary 

Guess what? You still need a little pre-play to get the motor running online.

Send one another sexy texts throughout the day. Maybe a few cute selfies or nudes. You could even do a sexy teaser video of what you plan on wearing.

Building the anticipation beforehand can make things even more fun when you finally come together…no pun intended.

Be creative 

Play around with outfits, props, do a little dance, play a sexy game, the possibilities are endless.

There are even toys that can be used over long distances. They connect to a mobile app and your partner can control the speed and intensity. Lovense has an entire line of long distance capable toys. Ain’t technology grand?!

No matter how you choose to express yourself, remember that your partner is there for you. You don’t have to put on a huge show or do anything outrageous to keep their attention.

Learning how to have Facetime sex can take a couple tries, before you feel 100% comfortable. But this whole experience is about pleasure and connection, so don’t get too caught up in the details. Just connect with the person behind the screen and let yourself have fun!


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