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Cucked by Cravings

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Cucked by Cravings

Lucy is pregnant and likes to fuck and be fucked. After a rendezvous with a hot stranger at the grocery store, she returns home to her husband, Jeff. Jeff enjoys sex yet ultimately often finds himself struggling to keep up with his powerful and sexually adventurous wife who he is dying to please. Lucy returns and …

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The back of Jeff’s head is easy to see through the living room window. I’ve been sitting in this parked Subaru for ten minutes, but as soon as I walk into that house the fantasy is over. I can still smell the peanut butter. It’s easy, just open the car door, walk up the drive to the porch, and breathe…. open the door and the fantasy mutates. 

“Jeff, baby we have to talk.” He has been watching the Nets game but mutes it immediately and looks up at me. 

“What’s up babe, how was the store? Let me get those from you.” He takes the two paper bags of groceries from me mindlessly, as he is always focused on my comfort and needs. I watch his ass as he walks the bags to the dining table, it’s always been firm and never ceases to turn me on. Marriage is all about owning someone’s ass. Since the pregnancy, Jeff had been almost hyper aware and sensitive to my needs, except for some of my most important needs, a hunger that can’t be sated. 

“Something happened at the grocery store. I fucked someone, and he had a big cock. I don’t even know his name.” Jeff sits down on the couch, his face is unreadable. What was he thinking? Was he mad at me? I’m undeniably horny even as I worry that he’ll be upset. 

“Well, did you cum?” 


His whole body slunk off the couch onto the floor, he crawls over on his knees in front of me until he is directly underneath me at my feet. The front part of his body is barely visible, blocked by my belly. 

“Baby, I want to know….” 

“What do you want to know?” 

“I want to know what he tastes like.” I had never seen Jeff so pathetic but it felt good to know he was turned on by my hormonal grocery store fucks. I quickly take my pants and off, with Jeff pulling them partially off at the points it was hard to reach. He guides me with his hand, crawling on all fours, to the laz-e-boy recliner until I am comfortably sitting. He takes no time, kissing my thighs and smelling my freshly fucked pussy through my undies, sliding his tongue over my clit, he’s obsessed. His nose pushes my panties to the side as I play with his hair, he licks and sucks me as he has one hand on my belly and the other three fingers deep inside of me. 

“Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, when he was fucking me we almost got caught.” 

“Oh yeah? Then everyone would know what a little slut you are, my little slut getting fucked. You taste like him, what was his cock like?” Jeff continued to work his fingers in and out of me until I was so wet that his whole hand shined in the light of the lampshade.

“His cock was so good, it made me feel so filled up. I wanted it all the time.” Jeff in that moment took out his dick and started moving his hand up and down his cock, only to then put his hand in front of my face, “Baby, please.” I spit on his hand, which he then moved all over his dick. 

“Tell me more, more.”

“I sat on his face, I didn’t hold back at all but gave him all of me because I felt he deserved it. I was completely naked, not caring what happened instead just thinking about fucking, like a rage in my head.” He moved his hand up and down furiously, his eyes squinting from being on edge of orgasm, his mouth open at the thought of his pregnant wife being fucked by someone else.

“I would fuck him again and again and again.” Jeff stood up in front of me, still jacking off yet now looking down at me in the laz-e-boy, his whole face covered in my wet.

“Do it, Jeff. Cum on me.” 

In an instant thick white on my belly, covered, yet just as instantaneously Jeff begins to lick it off. Not a drop left.

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Meet the author...Erin Taylor is a writer, sex worker, and artist living in NYC. Her writing has been featured at Allure, Bitch, Autostraddle, and more. You can read more at

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