Bloody Sexy – Why You Should Give Period Sex a Go

A bit of a bloody mess, lots of fun and pleasure, and natural pain relief (very handy when you’re suffering from intense period cramps!). Even though talking about—and enjoying—period sex can still raise a few eyebrows, many people have been discovering its charm. Sure, it can get a bit sloppy and things might get stained along the process, but that’s a small price to pay for all the satisfaction and possible big Os that dipping into period sex can bring.

It’s safe to say most of us don’t see our menstruation as something precisely enjoyable, so why not make it more pleasurable by a bit of fun and sexy play? So let’s look at the whys and hows of period sex a bit more! 

Why try period sex?

Ever noticed you were extra frisky when bleeding? That’s actually nothing unusual, and has to do  a lot with your cycle and the changed hormonal makeup in your body, making your mind go wild. You are also prone to experience stimulation with much enhanced sensitivity, which makes period sex feel oh-so-good! 

Just like “regular” sex, having sex on your period can provide you with a much-needed pain and  stress remedy, on top of making your body and mind relaxed and content – think of it as a free, absolutely natural and chemical-free painkiller! 

No need to worry you will get dry during penetration – all the blood makes for an extra lubrication. Yay, bonus lube!

How messy will it get?  

Sex makes the body juices flowing – raise your hand if your sheets are all wet and stained after a steamy session! Add period blood to the mix, and you’re potentially looking at quite a sloppy situation – but that actually depends on what day of your period you get sexy on. That notorious first and second day heavy flow can make your bed (or any other place you find fitting for having sex) look like a crime scene, but towards the end of your bleeding, the staining is usually minimal. So, depending on your preferences, plan accordingly!

So… how do you prevent stains?  

Obviously, sex is much more than just vaginal penetration, so many kinds of period sex can be  virtually stain-free. Going for oral sex, clitoral stimulation (with a hand or a toy), mutual masturbation, dry humping, and nipple or butt play does not even require you taking your menstrual cup or tampon out, and thus your naughty sesh can be absolutely spotless. 

If you do decide to go for free bleeding penetration, you might want to take some precautions to  prevent ruining those cute, comfy bed sheets. Laying down a towel, preferably dark-colored, can be all you need on low flow days. If you’re still worried about possible stains, you might want to invest into some latex sheets that are specifically made for kinky play that involves body liquids – you can find them in most sex shops. You can also prevent any leakage by your choice of position: do it standing up, in the shower or bathtub (easy clean up!), or rely on good ol’ missionary, during which the blood release is very low. 

Will I taste/smell differently?  

Most likely, but it’s no big deal –let’s remember, vaginas are supposed to have a smell and scent! Because of the iron in blood, your vaginal fluid will have a more earthy, metallic tinge to it, especially if the blood is not the freshest – but if you shower or wipe with a wet towel beforehand, it shouldn’t be too noticeable. And, turns out, many people actually really enjoy the specific taste and smell!

So.. is oral sex on period safe?  

Good news: going down on someone who’s menstruating is generally not going to put your life at risk. Bad news: STIs can still be transmitted. Remember to have open discussions about your and your partner(s)’ sexual health, and stock up on dental dams for protection. 

Can I still get pregnant?  

You would assume period sex poses no risk of pregnancy, right? Sadly, that’s not the case. While the chances of getting pregnant sure are significantly lower, it can still happen. Especially if you’re  having sex towards the end of the period – the sperm can stay alive in your body for a few days, and if an early ovulation sets in, bam, there’s a baby on the way. To avoid any mishaps during your bloody encounters, make sure to pop a condom on.

How do I bring this up with my partner?  

Periods get a lot of bad rep in our society, so no wonder if asking for some sexy action while menstruating makes you feel all anxious. Don’t let that stop you from unabashed enjoyment of sex though: try starting an open conversation with your partner(s), maybe outside of the bedroom so that you can approach it with a clear head, unriddled with horny thoughts. Tell them why you want to try it out, share some info about the topic, assure them they don’t need to feel pressured to do so if they’re not into it. If you’re still nervous about your first bloody experience, start experimenting slowly, allowing you both to figure out if you like it or not – both options are fine!

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Trying out period sex with your boo can be a lot of fun, but of course, there’s nothing stopping you from delving into it on your own! In fact, it can be a great tool for exploring and reconnecting with your body. For many of us, menstruating can be an uneasy time, and engaging in solo pleasure, whether to battle intense cramping or to take advantage of  the enhanced arousal, is a wonderful way to reclaim the period and turn it into some bloody magical time.

Meet the author...

Meet the author...

Anna Wim is a queer, non-binary sex educator, visual artist, and writer based in Berlin, Germany. Apart from reviewing sex toys, she mainly focuses on the topics of sexual healthcare and STIs, access to menstrual hygiene, and destigmatization of sex toys and kink.